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 Guild Laws

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PostSubject: Guild Laws   Guild Laws I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 18, 2010 8:57 am

Code of Conduct for the Clans:

The utmost loyal is to be displayed. No guild plans shall be discussed outside of guild member. Basic information can be spoken of to people, like the clans, ranks, etc.

Members should be: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

Code of Conduct notes:

Clean refers to manor of speech. That includes swearing and insults. Be reverent of other players feelings, kind, friendly and courteous to them at all times.

The code does not mean you have to help the noobs who need help. Helping one of our clan Noobs, is strongly encouraged.

The Yakuza and Barvines are allowed to conduct their extremist actions. They can conduct them while still following the c0de of conduct. Extremists does nto mean you can not be nice to people.

Ranks, Promotions and Demotions:

Ranks will be determined by conduct and level. Demotions can happen and the specific Clan chief and Reverent leaders can issue them. Likewise, Promotions can be given to deserving member.

The Yakuza and Young Clan Chiefs will be chosen by the council from the ranks of their respected higher. The purpose is so that the chiefs can better guide the younger clan members to reach the higher clan.

Clan chiefs will be recommended by the old chief at the point he decides to step down and voted upon by the remaining council. In the event of a demotion from clan chief, the council will vote upon the next clan chief.

Demotions may be repealed to the council and will be heard by the council (excluding the clan chief who gave the demotion) and the final say will be issued.

Bans and Suspentions:

Bans will be conducted with a council vote, along with suspentions.

The Clan Council:

The Chiefs of the Clan and the Clan leaders make up the council. If the positions of a Diplomat or Judge is needed, they will also be apart of the Council.

The council are the colective leaders of the Clan. Their rule Superseeds all but the Clan Leaders, who can override them.

The position of Diplomat is to be apointed if the Clan leaders need aid making peace or finsing out more about potential allies.

A judge will be apointed if the need arises to try issues within the guild. He will aid the Clan leaders in punishing thoes who break clan laws.

Council Meetings:

The council meetings will be open to all members. Members will be given a time to voice their opinions. The meeting will be conducted in the central guild hall or appropriate location.

At times deemed necessary, the council may conduct secrete meetings where only those invited may participate.

Council Limitations:

The council can make peace or war with other guilds. Council Members may suggest clans to make peace or war, but the clan leaders, or diplomat if one is needed, will conduct the peace efforts. War will be voted upon and executed at the desired time.

The council has the final say over the clan rules.

Clan Limitations:

The clans may have their own agendas and rules. However, the guild rules supersede the clan rules. Rules may not be more lenient than the guild rules and can cover areas not spoken of in the guild rules.

Appeals may be made at council meetings to amend the guild laws. Clan laws that are in potential violation will be voted upon at council meetings.

The clans may choose their own form of government. If clans become too large, they may create sub guilds, called companies.

Guild Member Rights:

Issues of Misconduct are to be brought forward to the Clan Chief. Issues with the Clan Chief will be brought forward to the leaders and a court will be issued. If the member is involved with the politics of the clan, the case may be brought to the council.

Issues with members of another clan should be brought forward the clan chief that the infracting member resides.

Guild Leaders:

Mindrop and Shurtugal13 are the Clan leders. We reserve the absolute right to changes these rules and to conduct guild polocies as needed.

Our word is the final word.
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Laws   Guild Laws I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 19, 2010 7:36 pm

We really urge you all to follow these rules and respect them and other members as well.If these are not followed then we will not hesitate to ban you from the guild and will not feel bad about it.If later on you show that you can obey the rules and be a help to the guild we will consider bringing you back in but we urge you to follow these and to help the guild.Also you all must understand that myself and Mindrop are the leaders and founders of this guild and you must come to us before you do anything like accepting people into the guild or other things of the such.Thank you.

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Guild Laws
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